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International Patients

Welcome to ADNRC

ADNRC established in 1982 with a vision to address the healthcare needs of the people from Coastal Andhra. Understanding the need for a high quality healthcare facility to serve the people of the area, a group of passionate individuals put together their expertise and skills to set up this Multi Super Specialty Hospital, the first in the area. ADNRC Hospital is all set to bring international standard healthcare technology and services within the reach of all. Equipped with the best of doctors and surgeons, advanced equipment and trained support staff, the Hospital aims to help patients smile in good health.

Vision :
To be a trusted healthcare provider dedicated to the people of Coastal Andhra, providing international standard healthcare in an advanced and caring environment.

Mission :
To bring technology and care of the highest level within everyone’s reach.
To offer services on the basis of transparency, innovation, responsiveness and efficiency.
To encourage partnerships and ensure timely, and effective healthcare delivery.
To impact the lives of the lesser privileged and support them in achieving good health.

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